Dan Oschrin

One of the key reasons our mobile-friendly FarmHQ dashboard is so easy for our customers to monitor and control their irrigation reels and pumps is because of Dan Oschrin, our Lead Software Engineer.

Dan’s path to becoming our Lead Software Engineer has taken him from the classroom to the field.

The Washington State native grew up in a rural area and attended college in Walla Walla, Washington – a region famous for its sweet onions, vineyards, and wheat. After college, Dan spent several years teaching abroad and in the public school system in the Seattle area.

That’s also when Dan discovered his passion for programming and software development. He soon began studying Computer Science at South Seattle College. In January 2020, Dan joined the CODA team as its first employee and lead software engineer.

“Irrigation is a very challenging aspect of farming, and the idea – that we can help automate irrigation, help people do it more efficiently, and help people immediately make their lives better – is really exciting,” says Dan.

Since joining the team, Dan has grown in his career as an engineer. Designing a system to monitor any irrigation reel and control any irrigation pump provided a unique challenge. To meet that challenge, Dan learned new programming languages and paradigms while also gaining a deeper understanding of how farm irrigation works. Dan was so committed to this pursuit that he even spent a day carrying irrigation pipes on the Wallace family farm.

Since helping to start CODA, Dan has led our team’s efforts to deliver first-of-a-kind user interface features and web infrastructure for agricultural irrigation management. That includes developing a way to visualize the run progress and water application rate for hard-hose irrigation reels. As part of that process, Dan also learned to use geospatial libraries like TurfJS and PostGIS.

Nearly three years into his work, Dan is excited about the future of the company and FarmHQ. That includes the chance to bring FarmHQ to native Android and iOS platforms, expand our analytics capabilities for our customers, and opportunities to bring FarmHQ to farms beyond North America.

“Making farming more efficient and saving water is a worthwhile goal – and I find it rewarding. I believe in our product.”