The Leading Remote Monitoring Solution for Hose Reel Irrigation

FarmHQ transforms your hose reels and travelers into a cutting-edge smart irrigation system.

Add Features and Capabilities to Your Trusted Hose Reel Systems

Hose reel irrigation systems are meant to last generations, so we designed a control and monitoring system that will connect your long-trusted equipment to your cell phone, saving you money, stress, and water.

irrigation monitoring for hose reels with FarmHQ

Real-Time Status Monitoring

FarmHQ monitors and records all vital information from your hose reel or traveler in real-time, including:

• Reel and sprinkler cart location, distance, speed, and progress

• Run completion time estimate

• Estimated flow rate and application rate

FarmHQ on a reel

Equipment Failure Detection & Automatic Pump Shutdown

FarmHQ knows immediately when your traveler stops moving or pressure goes outside of the normal range and can alert you via text message. If you have a FarmHQ-equipped pump, FarmHQ can act to protect crops with automatic pump shutdown.
Screenshot of FarmHQ irrigation analytics, irrigation record keeping, data export, water usage reporting and compliance.

Detailed Hose Reel Application Records

With FarmHQ, every irrigation run is tracked with application rate estimates, so you can see how much water was applied to each of your fields throughout the season. Take the guesswork out of reporting on things like manure and waste spreading.

Tried and Trusted on Hose Reels Across North America

Compatible with any brand of hose reel.

FarmHQ is compatible with all hard hose reels and travelers from trusted brands, including…

Cadman Power Equipment Ltd.
Ernst Irrigation
Ocmis Irrigation

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Proven and Trusted

FarmHQ Pump Control makes life easier for hundreds of growers in more than 30 states and provinces in North America.

FarmHQ support team works on a hard hose irrigation reel

Live Support

We pride ourselves on customer service. Support for from a knowledgable FarmHQ team member is just a phone call away.

Solar Panel Smart irrigation system

Straightforward Pricing

Competitive, transparent pricing tailored to your operation's needs.