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FarmHQ is your remote control for irrigation that saves hours of labor and acre-feet of water each time you irrigate. Get started within one hour and see results on day one.

Irrigation reels and water pumps have kept farmers in the dark. Here’s our solution

Crop Damage

Automatic Shutdown

If your irrigation reel stops moving or your water pump suddenly reduces its water pressure, FarmHQ will automatically shutdown the equipment and notify you immediately. This means less uncertainty and headaches during the irrigation season.

Labor Intensive Operations

Real-Time Monitoring & Control

You should know where your irrigation reel is, when it will finish, and how much water it’s applying without having to waste valuable labor. Now, you can monitor equipment progress in our app from anywhere, and at any moment, while your team focuses on other prioritized work.

Complicated Solutions

Bolt-On System

There are only so many hours in a day and we understand the value of each one. That’s why we created a universal and easy-to-use system which installs within one hour and will immediately start saving you time and money.

Water Usage Uncertainty

Detailed Record Keeping

Understand how much water is being used and where it’s being applied during every irrigation run. This keeps you informed on water usage and its potential impact on your yields

Meet FarmHQ

We created FarmHQ to help farmers alleviate the common stressors of irrigation when using irrigation reels & water pumps. The FarmHQ System incorporates the use of GPS, cellular connectivity, and an easy-to-use app that lets you monitor and control your device from anywhere, at anytime.

Farmers in over 20 states across the U.S, Canada, and Mexico are saving money, time, and stress by utilizing FarmHQ across their equipment.

Hear from our customers

Automatic Shutdown

“Even with new equipment, there’s no way to do anything from your phone. There are always ‘what-ifs.’ We wanted a better way to track what’s happening and where things are. I liked the idea of locational tracking, the safety measure of automatic pump shutdown, and being notified when something has gone wrong. I’m happy with how it’s worked-it’s as advertised.”

Pioneer Potatoes

Real-time Monitoring & Control

“Everything is right there at your fingertips. I can look at my phone six times a day instead of doing six field drive-bys. Knowing you don’t have to sit in the field during a late-night reel change and knowing I have 30 minutes to have dinner with my kids or put them to bed, it makes it a lot more convenient. It’s a lot of time savings and peace of mind.”

Andrew’s Hay

Bolt-On System

“Makes irrigation simpler and more efficient. We’re now able to run an extra reel simultaneously because of it”

Doug Visser

Peace of Mind

“We now have peace of mind being able to know when the runs are completed as it lets you plan your day around when you need to be there.”

Chris Stasko

Simplified & Efficient Operations

“It has made it a lot easier to know when the traveler would be done, when we needed to be at the field to move it, and be able to shut the pump off so we’re not overwatering.”

Nathan Baker

Automatic Shutdown

“There are a lot of gimmicks out there, but FarmHQ has actually made our jobs easier…Even if things go wrong just a few times and FarmHQ shuts the pump off, it totally pays for itself.”

Gienger Farms

Real-time Monitoring & Control

“If the reel stops or pressure drops it alerts me. I can start/stop the pump with my phone and like that I can leave my equipment at night or leave for the weekend and not have to worry. It has made water use more efficient.”

Bill Odell

Peace of Mind

“Before [FarmHQ], I wasn’t willing to irrigate 24/7 and would sometimes not run it at night so I could get a good night’s sleep, which isn’t the case anymore. It has also reduced the issue of arriving too early to the field which would be up to 2 hours before an irrigation run used to be completed!”

Scott Hoffman

Real-time Monitoring & Control

“We used to have to stay close to the pump and it’s difficult to stay around the clock to turn them off and get them started. It’s a life changer. To have the option to turn them off remotely, it’s priceless.”

Adam Stallaert

Simplified & Efficient Operations

“This has changed our management style. Before, if we had a 10 hour pull, we’d have to wait until the end of the day to start it up so it didn’t finish in the middle of the night. Now, we can start when it’s convenient, and not care if it was going to finish in the middle of the night, which saves us from having an extra person check on them.”

Adam Stallaert

Peace of Mind

“We wanted something we could use to keep an eye on our reels so we didn’t have to keep driving around all the time and checking on them. The setup was easy. The online instructions were simple. And the devices are good quality. If you want peace of mind and want to work with a great company, then go for it.”

Stasko Farms

Peace of Mind

“It takes a lot of the worry out of irrigation for sure. Normally I would shut it down before I went to bed but now I let it run while I’m asleep. I can use it later into the night because I can trust it and not go out to check it.”

Sam Gebhardt

FarmHQ Retrofits on Any Irrigation Reel or Water Pump

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“Irrigation reels and water pumps are built to last generations, but they are a huge pain to work with because so many things can go wrong without the farmer’s knowledge. Even the newest equipment on the market today doesn’t offer remote monitoring and control solutions that could make life easier for farmers. We built FarmHQ on our own family farm to solve this problem, and I’m proud to say that it’s now helping farmers worldwide. So far, we’re seeing farmers achieve a 2x ROI per device during their first irrigation season with FarmHQ. On top of that, they’re reducing the uncertainty of irrigation and the overall waste of water. By focusing on simple, easy-to-use solutions, we are making life easier for farmers while driving water use more efficiently.”

David C. Wallace, CEO

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