Each FarmHQ system saves you $5,000+ annually

These results are based on the success of our current customers, who have a wide range of equipment and irrigation needs. 

How FarmHQ Saves You Money


Crop Damage Prevention

Save yourself from one of the biggest headaches a farmer can have: a flooded field. If sprinkler motion, pressure, or flow slips out of normal range, FarmHQ will automatically alert you and your crew and stop the flow of water to prevent flooding.


Labor Savings

No more driving around for visual equipment checks, waking up to turn off a pump, or paying someone to watch your irrigation. You can focus on other important work while FarmHQ takes care of your irrigation.


Water Savings

FarmHQ’s precise monitoring and irrigation management system will save you significant amounts of water through schedules, alerts, and automatic shutdown.


Fuel and Electricity Savings

Reduce fuel costs by cutting out unnecessary trips to the field and save on pumping energy costs by only irrigating when it makes sense for your crops and your wallet.

Typical annnual savings: $5,000 – $6,800 per FarmHQ system

Calculate what you’re spending on irrigation monitoring and what you can save with FarmHQ.

Want to see the equations behind these numbers? Drop your email below and we will send you a customizable Excel sheet with all the original equations.


Additional Benefits

Peace of Mind

With the FarmHQ app and automatic alerts, you can stay connected to your irrigation from any location, day or night.

Improved Crop Yield

Irrigate at night when it is most productive for your crops with convenient scheduling and timers. Take a deeper look at your water use and distribution to find the best irrigation tactics for your farm.

Water Flow Visibility

FarmHQ makes it easier than ever to keep records and handle regulatory compliance with a complete water flow view and reporting across all your pumps, fields, and farms.

Example FarmHQ Investment Breakdown

Individual FarmHQ Hardware Installation Kit (includes 1st year service subscription): $1,449 – $2,299 USD*

Year 2+ annual service subscription: $220 – $360 USD*

The annual service subscription includes:

  • On-demand customer support from FarmHQ engineers.
  • Wireless network service on hundreds of cellular carriers.
  • Unlimited data exchange and low latency.
  • Unlimited access to the FarmHQ app for unlimited users.
  • Unlimited sms notifications.

*pricing varies based on equipment requirements and volume pricing is available.

Contact us or your local dealer for more information or a detailed quote.

The FarmHQ Guarantee

We are confident that FarmHQ will exceed your expectations. If you don’t see the expected results in the first month of use, simply contact us within 30 days of purchase to return the device and receive a full refund.

What our customers have to say:

Automatic Shutdown

“Even with new equipment, there’s no way to do anything from your phone. There are always ‘what-ifs.’ We wanted a better way to track what’s happening and where things are. I liked the idea of locational tracking, the safety measure of automatic pump shutdown, and being notified when something has gone wrong. I’m happy with how it’s worked-it’s as advertised.”

Wylie Thulen, Pioneer Potatoes

Real-time Monitoring & Control

“Everything is right there at your fingertips. I can look at my phone six times a day instead of doing six field drive-bys. Knowing you don’t have to sit in the field during a late-night reel change and knowing I have 30 minutes to have dinner with my kids or put them to bed, it makes it a lot more convenient. It’s a lot of time savings and peace of mind.”

Andrew Albert, Andrew’s Hay

Bolt-On System

“Makes irrigation simpler and more efficient. We’re now able to run an extra reel simultaneously because of it”

Doug Visser, JV Dairy

Peace of Mind

“We now have peace of mind being able to know when the runs are completed as it lets you plan your day around when you need to be there.”

Chris Stasko

Simplified & Efficient Operations

“It has made it a lot easier to know when the traveler would be done, when we needed to be at the field to move it, and be able to shut the pump off so we’re not overwatering.”

Nathan Baker

Automatic Shutdown

“There are a lot of gimmicks out there, but FarmHQ has actually made our jobs easier…Even if things go wrong just a few times and FarmHQ shuts the pump off, it totally pays for itself.”

Gienger Farms

Real-time Monitoring & Control

“If the reel stops or pressure drops it alerts me. I can start/stop the pump with my phone and like that I can leave my equipment at night or leave for the weekend and not have to worry. It has made water use more efficient.”

Bill Odell, Rolling O Sod Farm

Peace of Mind

“Before [FarmHQ], I wasn’t willing to irrigate 24/7 and would sometimes not run it at night so I could get a good night’s sleep, which isn’t the case anymore. It has also reduced the issue of arriving too early to the field which would be up to 2 hours before an irrigation run used to be completed!”

Scott Hoffman,  B&B Hoffman Sod Farms

Real-time Monitoring & Control

“We used to have to stay close to the pump and it’s difficult to stay around the clock to turn them off and get them started. It’s a life changer. To have the option to turn them off remotely, it’s priceless.”

Adam Stallaert

Simplified & Efficient Operations

“This has changed our management style. Before, if we had a 10 hour pull, we’d have to wait until the end of the day to start it up so it didn’t finish in the middle of the night. Now, we can start when it’s convenient, and not care if it was going to finish in the middle of the night, which saves us from having an extra person check on them.”

Adam Stallaert

Peace of Mind

“We wanted something we could use to keep an eye on our reels so we didn’t have to keep driving around all the time and checking on them. The setup was easy. The online instructions were simple. And the devices are good quality. If you want peace of mind and want to work with a great company, then go for it.”

Chris Stasko, Stasko Farms

Peace of Mind

“It takes a lot of the worry out of irrigation for sure. Normally I would shut it down before I went to bed but now I let it run while I’m asleep. I can use it later into the night because I can trust it and not go out to check it.”

Sam Gebhardt, Gebhardt Farms

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