Instant Upgrade for Any Farm Irrigation System

Add the latest irrigation technology to any existing irrigation equipment within one hour.

Remote irrigation monitoring and control for your entire operation.

FarmHQ is a universal remote monitoring and control upgrade for all:

Real-time irrigation monitoring and control

Access real-time monitoring and control from your phone for any of your existing irrigation equipment.

Keep tabs on your irrigation from anywhere with constant updates on location, speed, pressure, and flow rate, as well as advanced metrics like estimated completion time and application rate.

Best of all, you can control your irrigation equipment remotely at the press of a button.

irrigation monitoring for irrigation pumps with FarmHQ.
irrigation pump control with FarmHQ

Practical automation for Irrigation

With FarmHQ, your equipment communicates together without wires or complex programming.

For example, your hose reel can tell your pump when to shut down, your center pivot can start a distant pump automatically, or your booster pump can signal the primary pump if there is a break further down the line.

The possibilities are endless.

Lastly, with timers and schedules built-in, you can create an efficient watering plan. 

Irrigation Digital Records and Advanced Analytics

All data collected by FarmHQ devices is automatically stored in the cloud for fast and easy access. Additionally, Built-in analytics make it easy to see irrigation history at the field or farm level, and customizable reports let you download a snapshot of your irrigation data for offline records or regulatory compliance.

FarmHQ irrigation data and record keeping
FarmHQ irrigation app works in spanish, french, english, and italian

Multi-Language Support

It’s critical for growers to have effective communication and teamwork during the irrigation season.

That’s why we added the ability to access our app in Spanish, French, or Italian. With this feature, language barriers will no longer stand in the way of seamless collaboration. 

FarmHQ irrigation monitoring system

Meet the FarmHQ TC-3

FarmHQ's flagship remote monitoring and control device features robust cellular connectivity, endless sensor types, integrated dry contact relay, and easy magnetic mounting.

Physical Specs

  • Size: (219mm x 120mm x 68mm) LxWxH
  • IP-67 Rated Waterproof & Dust Proof Seal
  • Integrated Magnetic Mounting Plate


  • Input Voltage Requirement: 8-48 VDC
  • Internal Backup Battery: 12200mAh - Lithium-ion (~1 week of backup battery life)
  • Input voltage and backup battery charge % monitored in FarmHQ app

Inputs & Outputs

  • 2X dual-purpose analog/digital sensor inputs
  • Compatible with external dry contact switches and 0-5V sensors
  • SPDT relay for controlling external circuits
  • CAN interface for interaction with ECUs and other peripherals


  • 4G LTE cellular modem with built-in SIM card
  • Compatible with hundreds of cell carriers worldwide
  • External, omni-directional, high-gain cellular antenna with magnetic base
  • Integrated GPS antenna
irrigation monitoring for irrigation pumps with FarmHQ.

Real-time irrigation monitoring and control

Now you can get real-time monitoring and control from your phone for any of your existing irrigation equipment including irrigation pumps, valves, hose reels, flow meters, linears, and center pivots.

Know key updates as they happen like where your equipment is, its status, the area that’s being irrigated, the estimated finish time, water pressure, and flow rate.

Control your equipment with features such as remote shutdown to help save more time, and with real-time text alerts and/or phone notifications, your equipment will keep you up to date while you focus on other farm tasks.

irrigation pump control with FarmHQ

Practical automation

FarmHQ gives you a simple way to let your equipment communicate together without wires or complex programming.

With FarmHQ, your hose reel can tell your pump when to shut down, your center pivot can start a distant pump automatically, or your main pump can open a valve when pressure gets too high.

The possibilities are endless.

And with timers and schedules built-in, you can create an efficient watering plan and be confident that it will be carried out correctly.

FarmHQ irrigation data and record keeping

Real-time data and digital record keeping

The FarmHQ app provides real-time and historical digital record keeping that provides you with complete irrigation history.

You can also easily create reports to see your daily acreage irrigation, and more.

Hear from our customers

Automatic Shutdown

“Even with new equipment, there’s no way to do anything from your phone. There are always ‘what-ifs.’ We wanted a better way to track what’s happening and where things are. I liked the idea of locational tracking, the safety measure of automatic pump shutdown, and being notified when something has gone wrong. I’m happy with how it’s worked-it’s as advertised.”

Pioneer Potatoes

Real-time Monitoring & Control

“Everything is right there at your fingertips. I can look at my phone six times a day instead of doing six field drive-bys. Knowing you don’t have to sit in the field during a late-night reel change and knowing I have 30 minutes to have dinner with my kids or put them to bed, it makes it a lot more convenient. It’s a lot of time savings and peace of mind.”

Andrew’s Hay

Bolt-On System

“Makes irrigation simpler and more efficient. We’re now able to run an extra reel simultaneously because of it”

Doug Visser

Peace of Mind

“We now have peace of mind being able to know when the runs are completed as it lets you plan your day around when you need to be there.”

Chris Stasko

Simplified & Efficient Operations

“It has made it a lot easier to know when the traveler would be done, when we needed to be at the field to move it, and be able to shut the pump off so we’re not overwatering.”

Nathan Baker

Automatic Shutdown

“There are a lot of gimmicks out there, but FarmHQ has actually made our jobs easier…Even if things go wrong just a few times and FarmHQ shuts the pump off, it totally pays for itself.”

Gienger Farms

Real-time Monitoring & Control

“If the reel stops or pressure drops it alerts me. I can start/stop the pump with my phone and like that I can leave my equipment at night or leave for the weekend and not have to worry. It has made water use more efficient.”

Bill Odell

Peace of Mind

“Before [FarmHQ], I wasn’t willing to irrigate 24/7 and would sometimes not run it at night so I could get a good night’s sleep, which isn’t the case anymore. It has also reduced the issue of arriving too early to the field which would be up to 2 hours before an irrigation run used to be completed!”

Scott Hoffman

Real-time Monitoring & Control

“We used to have to stay close to the pump and it’s difficult to stay around the clock to turn them off and get them started. It’s a life changer. To have the option to turn them off remotely, it’s priceless.”

Adam Stallaert

Simplified & Efficient Operations

“This has changed our management style. Before, if we had a 10 hour pull, we’d have to wait until the end of the day to start it up so it didn’t finish in the middle of the night. Now, we can start when it’s convenient, and not care if it was going to finish in the middle of the night, which saves us from having an extra person check on them.”

Adam Stallaert

Peace of Mind

“We wanted something we could use to keep an eye on our reels so we didn’t have to keep driving around all the time and checking on them. The setup was easy. The online instructions were simple. And the devices are good quality. If you want peace of mind and want to work with a great company, then go for it.”

Stasko Farms

Peace of Mind

“It takes a lot of the worry out of irrigation for sure. Normally I would shut it down before I went to bed but now I let it run while I’m asleep. I can use it later into the night because I can trust it and not go out to check it.”

Sam Gebhardt

FarmHQ works in your field 24/7

so you don’t have to.

The FarmHQ Irrigation Advantage

Independent Cloud Connection

While most irrigation control products require complex networks of base stations, repeaters, and end nodes, each FarmHQ device has an independent cellular connection to our app, 24/7. With powerful external antennas and 4G LTE connection to hundreds of carriers worldwide, each FarmHQ device connects in seconds and starts working right away, even in remote areas where cell phones can't get signal.

irrigation monitoring system FarmHQ
FarmHQ irrigation app

Industry-Leading App

Whether you’re using an iPhone, an Android, or just a web browser, you can manage all of your equipment from anywhere on any smartphone, tablet, or computer. The FarmHQ app offers a simple user experience that is available in English, Spanish, French, and Italian and is easy to use for your entire team.

Universal Upgrade for All Irrigation Equipment

Our FarmHQ device can be retrofitted onto any piece of irrigation equipment regardless of its make, model, or age, including pumps, valves, flow meters, hard hose reels, linears and center pivots.

hose reel irrigation monitoring with FarmHQ
Irrigation hose reel install with FarmHQ

Simple Installation on Any Irrigation System

Our installation kits contain all of the materials needed to install our magnetic-mounting, non-destructive FarmHQ device on your irrigation equipment. With our graphical instruction manuals, all-inclusive installation kits, and responsive phone support from real humans, you can install FarmHQ on your equipment in the field within an hour.


How do I know if I can use FarmHQ on my irrigation equipment?

FarmHQ can be installed on almost any irrigation pump, solenoid-actuated valve, hard hose reel irrigator, linear move, and center pivot system. If you would like to discuss the specifics of your operation with one of our engineers, please contact us.

Is FarmHQ under warranty and what does this cover?

FarmHQ warrants to all customers that our products are free from defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty period begins on the date of shipment and expires one (1) year from the date of shipment.

If you encounter any issues, simply ship the defective device back to us within the first 12 months, including a copy of your purchase receipt and a detailed description of the problem. Upon receipt, we will assess the issue, and if within the warranty period, you will have the option to receive an updated device or a full refund.

Can I use FarmHQ for monitoring only?

Yes. FarmHQ provides real-time status monitoring and alerts for a broad range of irrigation equipment and having remote control enabled is not necessary for the system to provide significant value. 

What are the main benefits that FarmHQ can provide me and my operation?

FarmHQ provides significant financial savings to operations of any size by reducing labor requirements, cutting down on unnecessary excess use, and preventing flooding and lost time when problems occur with the mechanical aspects of the irrigation. FarmHQ lets you get updates on your irrigation in real time, so you know when a run is complete - and when it’s not. When connected to a pump or valve, FarmHQ can automatically stop water flow any time a problem, such as pressure loss or lack of movement, is detected. That prevents crop damage, saving water and reducing pumping costs. Better monitoring and control mean big savings. Many of our customers tell us that these features also help cut down on stress and improve their sleep.

How do I get FarmHQ installed on my mobile irrigation equipment? Do you install it, or do I?

The easiest way to get FarmHQ installed on your equipment is to work with an authorized FarmHQ dealer, but your can also install it yourself. Depending on your application, FarmHQ can be installed in as little as 20 minutes and usually not more than two hours, for complex applications. We provide easy-to-follow instructions for installing your FarmHQ device and sensors on your equipment. All of the necessary hardware and materials are included with your order. If you run into trouble, get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to call you to walk you through the installation.

Do I need a smartphone to use FarmHQ on my farm?

The FarmHQ app is designed to be used on a smartphone, but it works just as well when accessed from a computer. Once you have set up your irrigation equipment in the FarmHQ app, and your irrigation data will be saved automatically. You can access your account with your computer at any time.

What cellular service do I need to use FarmHQ?
Our devices run on a wide range of cellular networks throughout the world and are able to automatically select the best network based on their location. To inquire about cellular service in your specific area, contact us.
I’m not sure if the cellular service in my area is good enough. Can I try FarmHQ to find out?

All FarmHQ ship with external high-gain antennas that are meant to be mounted high in the air for optimal connectivity, so FarmHQ often works even where your cell phone cannot. In the unlikely event that your FarmHQ device isn’t able to connect reliably to our servers, you can return it to us for a full refund.

Can other people on my farm also have access to my FarmHQ account?
Yes. Our app makes it easy for you to share access with and control permissions for other members of your farm.
What if I need help with FarmHQ?
Give us a call or send us an email and we will get back to you within one business day—often within just a few hours. We’re committed to our customers’ success, so we’ll be more than happy to assist you.