Remote Monitoring and Control for Irrigation Valves

Irrigation Valve Control Made Easy

FarmHQ adds remote monitoring, real time control, and advanced scheduling to any solenoid-compatible irrigation valve. And with onboard solar power, GPS, and independent cellular connection, set up is as easy as hooking up the pipe.

The FarmHQ Mobile Valve Control Kit

Growers asked, and we listened. The FarmHQ valve control solution was built with mobility, simplicity, and durability in mind. 

  • Compatible with any two-wire or three-wire 12V DC latching solenoid.
  • 20W solar panel and 12V sealed lead acid battery provide power for FarmHQ unit and valve solenoid.
  • Pressure transducer measures outlet pressure.
  • Optional cable for connection to flow meter.

The perfect solution for valves in those hard-to-reach places.

Applications for FarmHQ Irrigation Valve Control

FarmHQ is the ideal remote irrigation control solution for irrigation valves that need to be moved frequently or are operated in remote locations.

valve control with FarmHQ works on drip irrigation

Drip Irrigation for Rotational Crops

Drip irrigation is an efficient way to decrease evaporation and increase crop yield, but many growers are hesitant to convert to this irrigation method because it must be moved every season. However, FarmHQ’s Valve Control solution is completely portable, allowing valves to be moved independently. This drastically reduces setup time and cost and allows growers to irrigate efficiently with peace of mind.

FarmHQ portable irrigation valve controller

Hydrant Valve Control

While irrigating from a pressurized water main is a convenient irrigation source, it can create a lot of extra work when it comes to transporting portable valves. FarmHQ’s Valve Control is easy to move and remotely monitor. Additionally, FarmHQ can be integrated with your flow meter, allowing you to keep your own water main records.

“I wouldn’t irrigate out of a hydrant without FarmHQ”

-Jack Hulbert, Skagit Seed Services



Compatible with all leading valve brands.

FarmHQ is compatible with all latching and non-latching solenoid valves from trusted brands, including…

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FarmHQ support team works on a hard hose irrigation reel

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