Skagit Seed Services skips the night shift, saves big on labor with FarmHQ.  

Equipment: 1 Hydrant Valve, 1 Irrigation Pump, and 2 Hard Hose Reels

Location: Washington, USA

Operation: Seed Grower


Jack Hulbert is a fourth-generation grower of spinach, beet, and cabbage seeds in Skagit Valley, Washington. Jack and his crew faced strong winds during the day, which interfered with the uniformity of their irrigation. To address this issue, they started irrigating at night, which was difficult for their labor budget and crew. Additionally, there was added financial risk when irrigating from the hydrant valve connected to city water.

Skagit Seed Services uses farmhq for valve control in Washington, US

The Solution

Jack installed FarmHQ on one pump, two reels, and his hydrant valve. Now, he can replace the night shift with a quick look at the FarmHQ app, which cut their irrigation night shift labor down from 5 days a week to zero. It also gives them peace of mind when pulling from their hydrant valve, as every drop is accounted for and they can instantly turn it off from their phone.

In Their Words

Perfect for Hydrant Valves

“I wouldn’t irrigate out of a hydrant without FarmHQ.”

Keep Your Own Records

“Connecting FarmHQ to my flow gauge and meter enables me to double-check our city water usage.”

Efficient Irrigating

“Irrigating at night is a lot more efficient, and now we have peace of mind when we do it.

Bottom Line

“It’s money well spent.”

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FarmHQ support team works on a hard hose irrigation reel

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FarmHQ support team works on a hard hose irrigation reel

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