Since we launched FarmHQ in 2020 to give farmers an option to upgrade any irrigation reel into a cutting-edge smart irrigation system, we’ve heard over and over from our customers in North America that they also were looking for practical, cost-effective ways to turn their existing pumps into smart pumps, with remote monitoring and control from their phone.

As we know from our own family farm in Skagit Valley, Washington, the existing solutions in the market are often oversized, with far too many inputs and outputs for most pumps. They try to do too many things at once, and often, they have overly complex tools that just aren’t useful.

Instead, what we heard from our customers is the need for something as simple as a remote on/off switch.

We knew our FarmHQ TC-3 device would be well-equipped to provide that level of control and monitoring needed by the vast majority of pumping stations. For us, it was a natural next step: FarmHQ’s existing sensing capabilities could offer a cost-effective and intuitive way of monitoring and controlling pumps remotely.

So over the last several months, our team has been adding new features and functionalities to our FarmHQ app to make that option as practical and easy-to-use as possible. For example, we added new features to the app, like flow rate monitoring, which are common needs for many farmers.

Today we’re launching FarmHQ as a standalone solution for remote monitoring and control of any irrigation pump. Now, our FarmHQ cellular device and web or smartphone app can add new features to any electric or combustion-powered irrigation pump.

FarmHQ for irrigation pumps includes:

  • A small cellular device and sensor kit that can be installed on any electric or combustion-powered pump;
  • The FarmHQ app, which is available from any smartphone or computer, and allows our customers to monitor and control their pumps from anywhere in the world.

FarmHQ provides our customers new ways to control their pumps, including:

  • From their phone, tablet, or computer via the FarmHQ app;
  • In response to signals from other FarmHQ devices via custom automations; and
  • Based on a timer or schedule set in the FarmHQ app.
Pump Remote Controls

FarmHQ also provides our customers a way to monitor and record a variety of signals for their pumps, including:

  • Pressure (pressure transducer provided with installation kit)
  • Flow-rate, which can be integrated with any pulse-output flow meter
  • Switch monitoring, which is compatible with any external dry contact
  • GPS location
  • Setting thresholds for any sensor to get real-time text alerts to their phone
FarmHQ flow rate and pressure monitoring on mobile app

We are excited to provide farms around the world with this practical approach to upgrading their irrigation pumps and reels for lower costs and less stress. Ready to get started? Contact us here.