Earlier this year, we hit another milestone for our company and FarmHQ:

After a successful pilot this season, we have added Mexico to our list of countries serviced by the FarmHQ platform. Across North America, we are now helping farmers watch and control their irrigation pumps and reels from their smartphones to reduce costs and save stress.

In late July, our team traveled to farms growing sugarcane in the regions of Punica, El Higo, and San Luis de Potosi, Mexico with our partners, Texas International Irrigation, to install multiple FarmHQ devices on irrigation reels and pumps of different makes, models, sizes, and age.

CEO David Wallace demonstrates how to install our FarmHQ TC-3 device, which provides practical, cost-effective ways to turn existing pumps into smart pumps, with remote monitoring and control from a  phone. Here, David is retrofitting a Bauer hard-hose irrigation reel with a TC-3.

The installations went quickly, and it was exciting to see our partners’ and hosts’ responses to how easy it was to upgrade their reels and pumps with FarmHQ, and gain some much-needed visibility and control of their irrigation operations.

CEO David Wallace installs a FarmHQ device on a Idrofoglia irrigation reel.

We are grateful to our friends and partners at Texas Irrigation International, and the growers who welcomed us to their farms and gave us the opportunity to demonstrate FarmHQ on their equipment. We’re looking forward to bringing FarmHQ to more farms across Mexico – and beyond.

Our newest FarmHQ device, the TC-3, features:

  • Enhanced cellular connectivity for even better performance in rural areas;
  • An integrated backup battery that can provide users notifications if an external power source ever fails;
  • Waterproofing for long-term durability over multiple irrigation seasons; and,
  • An easy magnetic mounting option for even more simplified installation by farmers in under an hour.

FarmHQ is currently available for sale in North America directly from us and our network of irrigation equipment dealer partners. Click here to get a quote and get started today.