Hose Reel Irrigation Systems: Benefits & Manufacturers

by Katie Bishop, Head of Research for FarmHQ

Read below to gain a deeper understanding of hose reel irrigation and their manufacturers.

Hose Reel Irrigation is augmented by FarmHQ monitoring and control

What are Hose Reel Irrigation Systems?

Hose reel irrigation systems are reliable irrigation tools that have been trusted and used by farmers in Europe and North America for decades. According to the 2018 Irrigation and Water Management Survey conducted by the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service, approximately 20,000 farms in North America use irrigation reels.

Irrigation reels can help farmers save water by applying water more precisely and uniformly, which reduces evaporation and runoff. Additionally, irrigation reel systems (also called irrigation travelers) can also help improve crop yields by providing consistent irrigation and applying water at the optimal time and rate for each crop.

Hose Reel Brands and FarmHQ

When it comes to irrigation reels, there are dozen of brands available to the average farmer. Each brand offers unique benefits for farmers, and brand adoption is largely based on location. Luckily, FarmHQ is a smart irrigation upgrade for all irrigation reel system; regardless of age, make, or model. Below are a few of the leading brands our customers use. 

It is increasingly important to control costs while maintaining or increasing yield, as input costs and labor costs continue to rise. While hose reels are an effective way to streamline your irrigation, with smart irrigation technology attached hose reel irrigation systems can be even more effective. FarmHQ’s smart irrigation system has helped farmers to save up to 25% on labor and increase water efficiency by up to 30%.

Smart Irrigation for hose reels with FarmHQ

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