Rolling O Sod Farm improved crop yield while also improving water efficiency.

Equipment: 2 Hard Hose Reels

Location: Alabama, USA

Operation: Sod Grower


Bill O’Dell has been growing sod at his Rolling O Sod Farm in Alabama for over 10 years. Before FarmHQ, Bill and his team were unaware of how much water they were using, but they knew that their busy schedules were making irrigation difficult and costly. They wanted to find a way to learn more about their water usage while decreasing labor costs.

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The Solution

Our FarmHQ app shows Bill how much water is being applied to each field, which allowed him to confidently increase his water usage to maximize crop yield. While his sod value is increasing, his time spent irrigating is decreasing. Bill is enjoying the ability to water from the comfort of his home or on trips to see his grandkids.

In Their Words

Irrigate When Convenient

“We’ve been able to change our irrigation frequency and now water more because of FarmHQ.”

24/7 Customer Support

“The team is responsive and always right there to fix the issue.”

Clarity Leads to Efficiency

“If the reel stops or pressure drops it alerts me. I can start or stop the pump with my phone and like that I can leave my equipment at night or leave for the weekend and not have to worry.”

Bottom Line

“It has made water use more efficient.”

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