by Katie Bishop, Head of Research for FarmHQ

FarmHQ for Pivots and Linears

David and Connor Wallace, the founders of FarmHQ, come from a long line of potato farmers in Skagit Valley, Washington. Farmers in this region prefer to use hard hose reels and portable pumps to irrigate their crops due to the awkward shapes of their fields, and their need to rotate crops each year. We originally developed FarmHQ as a monitoring and control solution for these portable systems. As we’ve grown to monitor hundreds of reels and pumps throughout North America, we kept hearing the same statement from farmers and dealers: “I love what FarmHQ does for reels, I just wish I could use it on pivots.” 

FarmHQ listened. Our system now provides remote monitoring for all center pivot and linear move irrigation systems. Regardless of age, make, or model; FarmHQ is always compatible with your equipment and installation will take less than an hour. Each device has an independent 24/7 cloud connection, so you never have to worry about losing service or being too far away from the device. We provide you with hassle-free customer service and a state-of-the-art app that will make your life easier and your farm more efficient.

Real-Time Monitoring from Your Phone

FarmHQ’s app provides farmers with remote, real-time access to the location, distance, speed, run progress, and completion time estimate of pivots or linears. This valuable information, combined with FarmHQ’s automatic pump shutdown feature, equips farmers with the necessary tools to reduce labor and irrigate when it is most convenient for them.

Failsafes and Instant Alerts

Additionally, FarmHQ includes advanced algorithms that can detect interruptions or deviations in the pressure or movement of your center pivot or linear irrigation system. In case of emergencies, FarmHQ will automatically shut down the pump to protect your crops, and instant alerts will be sent to your mobile device via text message.

Easy Record-Keeping

Every irrigation run is tracked, so you can see how much you irrigated each of your fields throughout the season. This can be used to reduce the time spent on reporting or analyzing irrigation history for more efficient watering plans.

FarmHQ remote monitoring for linear move irrigation

Why FarmHQ for Pivots and Linears?

FarmHQ is the monitoring and control irrigation solution for farmers who want to modernize their pivots and linears without investing in expensive new equipment. It can be used on just a pivot, or outfitted to your whole farm — pivots, linears, pumps, reels, and valves. We allow multiple users per farm and the platform can be used in English, Spanish, Italian, or French, so you can keep your whole team on the same page.


If you’ve been looking for a simple but effective technological solution to your irrigation problems, FarmHQ is the right amount of technology for your farm.

Flow Rate Analysis and Quick Scheduler are two FarmHQ features that come included with every FarmHQ device.