FarmHQ Launches Quick Scheduler

by Katie Bishop, Head of Research for FarmHQ

In mid-July, I joined our founders, David and Connor Wallace, on an almond farm in Central California to install FarmHQ on three electric pumps. On one pump, the farmer had attached a bathroom fan timer as a DIY way of scheduling their irrigation runs. Although it was clever and inexpensive, it wasn’t always effective. For instance, it repeatedly failed to turn off the pump before peak energy hours, causing their electric bill to increase fourfold.

This bathroom fan timer trick is not a one-off irrigation hack. In fact, David and Connor used a similar hack for years on their family’s potato farm in Skagit Valley, Washington, and we’ve seen it on countless farms across North America. There’s a dire need for a better, user-friendly, and cost-effective solution.

FarmHQ on an electric pump

This FarmHQ equipped electric pump will be providing scheduled irrigation runs for almond trees in Central California.

This is where our FarmHQ Quick Scheduler comes in. Built directly into the FarmHQ app, Quick Scheduler offers a straightforward and reliable irrigation scheduling and timer interface. It’s far more accurate and reliable than mechanical timers, and it works with the equipment that growers already own and trust, providing a right-sized solution that makes irrigation scheduling a breeze.

Why Quick Scheduler


Quick Scheduler allows you to set shutdown timers, one-time irrigation sessions, and recurring irrigation schedules for any irrigation pump or solenoid-compatible irrigation valve.

Targeted Scheduling for a Single Pump or Valve

With Quick Scheduler, each pump or valve can be scheduled independently, making it easy for you to start with a single pump, or automate your entire operation. There are no limits to the number of schedules you can create or to the number of different pieces of equipment you want to run.

Works in Real Time

New schedules are immediately synced to your equipment and added to the schedule interface on our easy-to-use app. You will see all your schedules and irrigation runs instantly and you can make adjustments as needed in real time.

Full Clarity

No more running out to your field to make sure your pump really shut down. Quick Scheduler works alongside FarmHQ’s remote monitoring features, so you can either set up notifications that will update you on your irrigation schedule’s progress, or open the FarmHQ app and see the progress in real-time.

Flexibility for Any Situation

You can now create one-time schedules for specific situations, such as particularly hot days or an upcoming day off. Or instead, you could create recurring schedules that will keep your farm running efficiently with minimal effort. Whatever type of schedule you need, Quick Scheduler can make it a reality.

How Do I Get Quick Scheduler?

Quick Scheduler has been automatically added to all current FarmHQ devices and is included in the FarmHQ app at no additional cost. Check out the video tutorial below for guidance on how to use Quick Scheduler today.

Watch Quick Scheduler in Action


The FarmHQ Guarantee

We are confident that FarmHQ will exceed your expectations. If you don’t see the expected results in the first month of use, simply contact us within 30 days of purchase to return the device and receive a full refund.