Five decades ago, Jesse Gienger’s grandfather founded their family’s dairy farm in western Oregon, just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean.

Today, Gienger Farms is a busy, third-generation family dairy farm that grows grass and corn for silage. Jesse and his brother run the farm together, and they irrigate both crops with manure and occasionally water.

After bringing FarmHQ to their farm in 2021, they’ve found a solution Jesse says has helped “save the headaches” of using mobile irrigation systems, helped them worry less, and prevented pollution from accidental flooding events.

Jesse’s grandfather originally brought hard-hose traveler reels onto the farm for irrigating silage, a practice the farm still uses. For years, the Gienger family dealt with the drawbacks of irrigation equipment that lacked automation and remote monitoring and control.

“We always struggled with knowing when to shut off the pump, and timing that, and then guessing when it was going to come in and checking on it. It wasted a lot of time.”

And because they often pump manure, an accidental flooding event caused when the reel would stop but the pump would continue pumping could mean burning their crop and potential pollution.

For the Giengers, they were looking for a way to avoid the hassle of constant trips to their fields, and an option for automatic pump shutdown.

FarmHQ has provided the solutions they’d been hoping for.

After installing FarmHQ themselves on their reels and pumps – they say it was an “easy setup” – it has let them spend less time on irrigation and more time on other priority projects on the farm. For Jesse and his brother, they “really enjoy” the option to shut off their reels and pumps remotely without having to drive out to the field – and knowing that the pump will shut itself off if the reel stops for any reason.

“Even if things go wrong just a few times and FarmHQ shuts the pump off, it totally pays for itself.”

They also love the field mapping feature, allowing them to see their acreage, and how many times they’ve pumped on it.

Overall for the Giengers, FarmHQ has been a worthwhile investment, saving time, money, and stress.

“There are a lot of gimmicks out there, but FarmHQ has actually made our jobs easier. It’s been a good experience, and we’re happy with it.”

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