FarmHQ is excited to announce two additions to enhance our users’ experience for this irrigation season. First up, is the release of the FarmHQ app!

FarmHQ in the app stores

Available in the Apple and Google Play store

Access To Unlimited Range & Connectivity

Pair any installed FarmHQ bolt-on cellular device with our easy-to-use smartphone app! Once you have retrofitted your electric or combustion-powered water pump or any hard-hose irrigation reel, you and your teams can now access all of the remote monitoring and control capabilities from any smartphone.

Retrofitted water pump with FarmHQ device

No matter how far away you are from your equipment you’ll be able to check in and control them directly from the app. Our FarmHQ device uses its built-in sensors to monitor your equipment and sends critical information via cellular towers to the app, so you can monitor or control all of them. This gives you oversight and operational access to your equipment at any moment since the devices are always connected to the app via cellular connectivity.

Irrigation Reel with FarmHQ installed

Our team is working hard to add several new features over the coming months that will make irrigation easier and more efficient this year. As we release them, you and your teams will be able to immediately access them directly from your phone at no additional cost.

Multi-Language Support

It’s critical for growers to have effective communication and teamwork during the irrigation season. That’s why we added the ability to access our app in Spanish, French, or Italian. With this feature, language barriers will no longer stand in the way of seamless collaboration. Your team can comfortably interact with the app in their native language, ensuring transparency and effective management while enhancing their user experience.

FarmHQ app is available in spanish, italian, and french

Access FarmHQ app in Spanish, Italian, and French

Download the FarmHQ smartphone app on the Apple Store and Google Play Store today and take control of your irrigation!

Speak with our team to learn more!