Pioneer Potatoes Uses FarmHQ to Remove the “What-Ifs” of Irrigating High-Value Crops with Reels.

Equipment: 2 Irrigation Pumps, and 5 Hard Hose Reels

Location: Washington, USA

Operation: Potato and Vegetable Grower


Pioneer Potatoes farms approximately 1,000 acres each season of potatoes, as well as barley, beets, cabbage seed, and brussel sprouts. For decades, they have been frustrated by the lack of remote monitoring and control for their reels. They couldn’t find an effective automation solution without investing in new, expensive equipment.

pioneer potatoes uses FarmHQ to modernize old irrigation equipment

The Solution

The day-to-day operations of Pioneer Potatoes are more efficient now that FarmHQ can remotely monitor their reels location and estimated finishing time. However, big savings come into play during emergencies. During the hot 2021 irrigation season when one of their reels got kinked and formed a bubble, FarmHQ quickly and automatically sent a text to the team.

“So instead of wasting three hours of thinking it was going,” Wylie says, “we were able to send someone out there and fix it right away.”


In Their Words

Easy Install

“Installing the system is pretty squeaky clean.”

Track and Control, All From Your Phone

“Even with new equipment, there’s no way to do anything from your phone. There are always ‘what-ifs.’ We wanted a better way to track what’s happening and where things are, and that’s what FarmHQ does.”

Bottom Line

“I’m happy with how it’s worked – it’s as advertised.”

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