Why FarmHQ

A reliable system that helps farmers save money & time during irrigation.

Say goodbye to unnecessary crop damage & increase your ROI

Have you ever had a reel overwater crops by accident? How about a water pump losing pressure and not watering enough? FarmHQ will automatically shutdown your equipment when this happens and provides a real-time alert so you can act immediately.

No more 2am wake ups. Put hours back in your day by taking control of your irrigation schedule.

Manual monitoring and control of irrigation reels and water pumps is dated, stressful, and exhausting. It also wastes time and money. With FarmHQ you can eliminate having to drive out to your equipment at odd hours by creating an irrigation schedule that makes sense for you and your team. Handle it from the comfort of your home or at your kids football game, you choose.

Reduce irrigation uncertainty.

Now you can track where your reel is, how far it’s moved, at what speed, and when it will be done. Delivering the information that matters in your hand when you want it, and promptly.

Need to know how much water you’re using? FarmHQ makes it easy to understand, no fancy bells and whistles needed.

Many automation providers give you the world, but it can be unnecessarily complex. FarmHQ makes it easy to understand how much water you’re using and where it’s being applied, giving you the ability to see if specific areas are being missed or overwatered.

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