FarmHQ Overview

Retrofit and update any irrigation reel or water pump

Get real-time status monitoring for any travel irrigation system and diesel or electric water pump

  • Instant access through iOS or mobile web app
  • GPS Enabled & LTE Connectivity (included with subscription)
  • Monitor reel and sprinkler cart location
  • Observe cart distance, speed, and progress
  • Run completion time estimate

Control your equipment, eliminate failure surprises, and receive immediate notifications with automatic shutdown

  • Remotely shut down your reel at any time from the FarmHQ app
  • When a traveler stops moving, your FarmHQ-equipped pump will be turned off automatically
  • If water pressure goes outside of its normal range, your pump will turn off and a text will be sent
  • Create alerts that notify you and your team immediately

Track water & equipment usage

  • Monitor water pressure flow and application rate
  • Estimate amount being used for all fields
  • Keep tabs on how long your equipment runs for.

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