Install FarmHQ in One Hour

Our FarmHQ system takes most farmers up to one hour of installation per device. You simply mount the device with the sensor kit to your irrigation reel and pump via the provided instructions, download the app, pair your devices, and start remotely monitoring and controlling your equipment 24/7!

Device mounts on your irrigation reel & pump using magnets. It’s battery powered and can be connected to a solar panel as well.

For any electric or diesel water pump, you can connect a pressure transducer and a pulse output flow meter to monitor your water pressure and flow right from your device

GPS provides real-time location of both your irrigation reels and water pumps

Our devices use an external antenna to transmit information via 4G LTE in real time. Costs are included in the yearly subscription.

Once installed and paired, your app will give you a birds eye view of your fields. You can then click on any device mapped to a field to see what’s currently happening.

Once selected, you’ll then see an outline of the field being irrigated. This is where you can track its current progress, the area that’s being irrigated, how fast your reel is retracting, and at approximately what time it will be finished.

If you pair your reel with a pump, the pump will automatically shutdown once the reel has finished. However, you can also manually control this feature.

You can sign up for text alerts and/or phone notifications to get real-time updates

The FarmHQ app also provides detailed record keeping which gives you complete irrigation history. This allows you to see which areas have been irrigated more than others and if any have been missed. You’re also able to export the reports to see your daily acreage irrigation, and more!

FarmHQ Install Guides

Each gallery contains the install guide for any pump or reel


How do I know if I can use FarmHQ on my reels and pumps?

You can install FarmHQ on any sprinkler reel or pump, regardless of make, model, or age. Customers across North America have successfully installed FarmHQ on a wide range of both reels and pumps.We are also successfully using FarmHQ on a number of different pumps and reels on our family’s potato farm in Skagit Valley, Washington. Contact us now to get a quote for the reels and pumps on your farm, or if you have questions about your specific equipment!

Can I use FarmHQ on just a pump or a reel by itself?

Yes. FarmHQ provides monitoring for reels and pumps regardless of whether or not they are paired to another device. However, to take advantage of our automatic shutdown feature, you must have FarmHQ on both the reel and the pump, and the two must be paired in the FarmHQ app.

What are the main benefits that FarmHQ can provide me and my operation?

Our FarmHQ devices and app provide huge savings on your farm. It lets you get updates on your reels in real time, so you know when a run is complete – and when it’s not. FarmHQ automatically stops water flow any time your reel stops moving. That prevents crop damage, saving water and reducing pumping costs. Better monitoring and control mean big savings.

It also means a lot less stress and better sleep. FarmHQ lets you check on your reel no matter where you are. You can get immediate notifications anytime something goes wrong with your equipment. Our automatic pump shutdown feature means you can take care of the problem when it’s convenient for you. Stop wondering what’s going on in your fields. FarmHQ keeps track of it for you.

What kind of savings can I expect with FarmHQ each season?
With our FarmHQ devices on your irrigation equipment, each season you can expect a 400% to 1,500% return on your investment through increased yields and savings on labor, water, fuel, and preventing crop damage. Each FarmHQ system saves up to $15,000 per season by preventing crop damage, eliminates up to 75 hours of labor, lowers energy costs by up to $650, and conserves up to 500,000 gallons of water.
How do I get FarmHQ installed on my mobile irrigation equipment? Do you install it, or do I?

You can install FarmHQ on each piece of your equipment in about one hour. We provide easy-to-follow instructions for installing your FarmHQ device and sensors on your mobile pumps and reels. All of the necessary hardware and materials are included with your order. If you run into trouble, get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to call you to walk you through the installation.

Do I need a smartphone to use FarmHQ on my farm?
The FarmHQ app is designed to be used on a smartphone, but it works just as well when accessed from a computer. Once you have set up and paired your reels and pumps in the FarmHQ app, our automatic pump shutdown feature will work without requiring your input, and your irrigation data will be saved automatically. You can access your account with your computer at any time.
What cellular service do I need to use FarmHQ?
Our devices run on a wide range of cellular networks throughout the world and are able to automatically select the best network based on their location. To inquire about cellular service in your specific area, contact us.
I’m not sure if the cellular service in my area is good enough. Can I try FarmHQ to find out?

FarmHQ works even when cell signals are weak. In the unlikely event that your FarmHQ device isn’t able to connect reliably to our servers, you can return it to us for a full refund.

Can other people on my farm also have access to my FarmHQ account?
Yes. Our app makes it easy for you to share access with and control permissions for other members of your farm.
What if I need help with FarmHQ?
Give us a call or send us an email and we will get back to you within one business day—often within just a few hours. We’re committed to our customers’ success, so we’ll be more than happy to assist you.